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A Saumen Kar (pronounced shō'men kahr) is a mythological figure similar to the yeti and abominable snowman said to roam the frozen wastelands surrounding the North Pole. The name is believed to have originated fromthe Inuit people in the settlements of Northern Greenland. The 'Man of Snow' is revered and respected by the settlements as a wise but terrifying neighbour. The Snowman would typically be around 7 foot tall and covered in white fur, although physical descriptions of the monster vary depending on the story. Interactions with humans would be very limited. Saumen Kars are said to be very keen observers of human life. In the same way that human tribes would tell stories of saumen kars (perhaps to frighten the young and prevent them from wandering into the snowy lands too far away on their own), saumen kars are said to tell cautionary tales about humans and human-life to their young. saumen kars can be very ferocious and are large and powerful enough to tear a human in two but they tend to be very peaceful creatures, only killing what they need to eat and they are not known as human predators. They prefer to eat fish. Saumen kars are very anti-social creatures. They live, and hunt, by themselves or in very small family units. When a baby saumen kar reaches a certain age it can fly into fits of terrible rage. The only thing that can pacify it is for an adult saumen kar to tell it a story. Stories about humans and human-life are the most popular, perhaps because of the vast difference between how humans and saumen kars live.

This painting of a Saumen Kar is by Bobby Hernandez and is part of his folklore Monsters book. More info can be seen here:

Any communications with humans would generally be through the shaman of the human tribe. A shaman is the witch-doctor/priest/healer/wise person of the tribe. They would generally be the conduit for people with spirits, souls and creatures like the saumen kar. They would communicate with the saumen kar telepathically. Even amongst themselves, saumen kars communicate telepathically. They are also known to speaking with each other throw a series of low wails – normally when communicating over large distances, similar to wolves howling.

One of the reasons that saumen kars were not found by any of the scientific expeditions looking for them is said to be because they have telepathically spoken with the humans in the team who have found them. They made the humans believe all they saw was a polar bear. Saumen Kars are said to have learned about human life, cities and modern technology through these explorers and it frightens them.